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Recently, there have been more and more emails. After getting up every morning, I receive various emails from many people. Everyone thanks me for collecting so many tools they want, and also gave me a lot of suggestions and ideas . Everyone has a common feeling that using the right combination of tools can greatly improve work efficiency.
On the other hand, after the emergence of more and more AI tools, many people try to use AI to do some boring things, such as writing text, taking videos and so on. However, these tools cannot replace real human thinking, so a number of tools have emerged to automatically detect whether the text content is written by humans or automatically generated by AI. So I posted an article a few days ago, listing some free testing tools.
A tool recommended by a netizen, Crossplag, is also a free and easy-to-use content detection tool. When I paste some content I wrote into the text box and click the Check button, the probability will be displayed on the right , telling me it might have been written by a human, or it might have been machine-generated. Thanks Susan.

There are multiple versions of Crossplag, both Free and paid. Up to 1000 words is free, and charges start after this amount.
In addition, for students, this tool also provides a mode of charging according to the number of users, which can help students who write papers to quickly detect whether the papers they write are suspected of plagiarism (hahahaha)
Finally, this tool also provides an API, which developers can use conveniently for secondary development. As I write this, I am eager to try it.

With the rapid development of AI, tools and thinking should not be neglected. Effective combination can maximize work efficiency.

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