How to understand the importance of data platforms, governance and operations.

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I have read a post on LinkedIn by Aditi Khinvasara ACCA, the content and infographic is perfect. So I have to share with my users.

Understanding Data Platforms, Governance and Operation is so important in the data field. You can supercharge your platform, turning it into a data powerhouse. Here’s the quick rundown:

1️⃣ Data Governance: A solid framework for security, compliance, quality & accountability is vital.
2️⃣ Data Catalog: Your map to data assets, fostering collaboration.
3️⃣ Metadata Management: Helping your team to work smarter, not harder.
4️⃣ Data Security: Safeguarding your data at every step.
5️⃣ Data Privacy & Compliance: Your compass to navigate the regulations.
6️⃣ Data Monitoring & Auditing: Keeping your platform healthy.
7️⃣ Disaster Recovery: Resilience built-in.
8️⃣ Performance Optimization: The secret sauce of high performance.
9️⃣ Scalability & Elasticity: Building for growth.
🔟 Continuous Improvement: Keeping your platform evergreen.

Thanks Deepak Bhardwaj for this infographic!


Copyright Information Statement: all the content and images belongs to Aditi Khinvasara ACCA.

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