Which FREE AI Writing Tools is the Best in 2023, Top 20 in here.

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Are you struggling to find the perfect writing tool for your needs? With the abundance of AI-powered copywriting tools available, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to make a choice. However, fear not! I have done the hard work for you. I took the initiative to sign up for numerous free AI-copywriting websites and put their capabilities to the test by writing blog posts over the span of a week. Through this process, I identified the top 5 AI writing tools that not only deliver exceptional results but also require no financial commitment from you.

But wait, there’s more! I even went the extra mile and included two bonus tools for you to explore. And finally, I will unveil my personal recommendation for the ultimate AI writing tool and explain why it stands out from the rest. Get ready to boost your content creation journey and bid farewell to writer’s block and time-consuming decisions. Let’s dive into the realm of the 5 Best FREE AI Writing Tools, along with the bonus recommendations that will revolutionize your writing experience.

  1. ChatGPT: 4.5 stars
  2. Conversion.ai: 4 stars
  3. CopyAl: 4.5 stars
  4. QuillBot: 4 stars
  5. OpenAI Codex: 4 stars
  6. Contentbot.ai: 3.5 stars
  7. Article Forge: 3.5 stars
  8. Writesonic: 4 stars
  9. CopySmith: 3.5 stars
  10. Articoolo: 3 stars
  11. Textio: 3.5 stars
  12. Sudowrite: 3.5 stars
  13. Rytr: 3 stars
  14. Jenni.ai: 3.5 stars
  15. WriteSonic: 3.5 stars
  16. Notion Al: 3.5 stars
  17. Scalenut: 3.5 stars
  18. Wordtune: 3.5 stars
  19. Reword: 3 stars
  20. Jasper: 3.5 stars

So, I will check an give you some detail information about them:


Summary: ChatGPT is renowned for its impressive writing quality, versatility, and user-friendly interface. It offers a natural language processing model that can assist in various writing tasks. Good Points: Excellent writing quality, user-friendly interface, versatile for different writing purposes. Drawbacks: Limited free usage, occasional instances of generating inaccurate or nonsensical responses.


Summary: Conversion.ai is highly regarded for its natural language processing and content generation abilities. It provides valuable assistance in generating written content for various purposes. Good Points: Powerful content generation, provides useful suggestions and prompts, offers a wide range of writing templates. Drawbacks: Relatively expensive pricing plans, may require additional editing and refinement.


Summary: CopyAl is highly acclaimed for its exceptional copywriting capabilities and its ability to generate persuasive and compelling content. Good Points: Strong copywriting features, generates persuasive content, suitable for marketing and advertising materials. Drawbacks: Limited free options, can be expensive for extended usage.


Summary: QuillBot is recognized for its robust proofreading, plagiarism checking, and citation features, ensuring high-quality writing. Good Points: Effective proofreading and plagiarism checking, offers citation suggestions, useful for improving writing quality. Drawbacks: Free version has limitations, may not always provide contextually accurate suggestions.

5.OpenAI Codex

Summary: OpenAI Codex is known for its powerful coding assistance and the ability to generate code snippets based on natural language prompts. Good Points: Strong coding assistance, generates code snippets based on prompts, facilitates faster coding. Drawbacks: Primarily focused on coding rather than general writing tasks, may have limitations outside of coding-related content.


Summary: Contentbot.ai is recognized for its AI-powered content generation, particularly for blog posts, articles, and social media content. Good Points: Effective content generation, suitable for blog posts and articles, saves time in content creation. Drawbacks: Limited customization options, may require editing for specific brand voice or style.

7.Article Forge

Summary: Article Forge is praised for its advanced content generation capabilities, allowing users to quickly create unique and high-quality articles. Good Points: Generates unique and high-quality articles, saves time in content creation, offers keyword integration. Drawbacks: Limited control over generated content, may require editing for finer details or specific requirements.


Summary: Writesonic is noted for its versatility in generating various types of written content, including blog posts, emails, and social media captions. Good Points: Versatile content generation, suitable for various writing purposes, provides AI-driven suggestions. Drawbacks: Limited free usage, occasional inaccuracies in generated content.


Summary: CopySmith is valued for its copywriting assistance, helping users create compelling sales copy and marketing materials. Good Points: Effective copywriting features, assists in creating persuasive sales copy, saves time in copywriting. Drawbacks: Relatively higher pricing, may require editing and customization for specific requirements.


Summary: Articoolo is appreciated for its automated content creation, providing unique and coherent articles based on given topics. Good Points: Automated content creation, generates unique and coherent articles, saves time in content creation. Drawbacks: Limited customization options, occasional need for additional editing for specific requirements.


Summary: Textio is known for its augmented writing platform, offering real-time feedback and suggestions to improve the quality and effectiveness of written content. Good Points: Real-time feedback, helps improve writing quality, provides insights on audience impact. Drawbacks: Primarily focused on job postings and recruitment content, limited usage outside of that context.


Summary: Sudowrite is a writing tool valued for its AI-powered assistance in generating creative and engaging content. Good Points: AI-powered creativity, generates engaging content, offers helpful writing prompts. Drawbacks: Limited free options, occasional output may require additional editing.


Summary: Rytr is appreciated for its versatility in generating various types of written content, including blog posts, emails, and social media captions. Good Points: Versatile content generation, offers multiple content types, provides creative ideas. Drawbacks: Limited customization options, output may require refinement for specific requirements.


Summary: Jenni.ai is known for its productivity-enhancing features and collaborative writing capabilities. Good Points: Productivity features, collaboration options, assists in organizing and managing writing projects. Drawbacks: Limited free options, may have a learning curve for new users.


Summary: WriteSonic is noted for its ability to generate high-quality content with a focus on marketing and advertising materials. Good Points: Marketing-focused content generation, creates persuasive copy, offers template options. Drawbacks: Limited free usage, output may require further customization.

16.Notion Al

Summary: Notion Al is praised for its effectiveness in note-taking and organization, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Good Points: Note-taking features, organization capabilities, aids in productivity and workflow management. Drawbacks: Limited writing-focused features, may require integration with other writing tools.


Summary: Scalenut is acknowledged for its powerful AI commands, particularly in optimizing content for SEO purposes. Good Points: SEO optimization features, powerful AI commands, helps improve content visibility. Drawbacks: Limited free usage, may require familiarity with SEO practices.


Summary: Wordtune is appreciated for its simple yet effective paraphrasing and sentence restructuring abilities. Good Points: Paraphrasing and sentence improvement, enhances writing clarity, user-friendly interface. Drawbacks: Limited free options, may not provide nuanced edits for complex content.


Summary: Reword is noted for its personalization features, allowing users to tailor content according to their preferences. Good Points: Personalization options, customized content creation, supports unique writing styles. Drawbacks: Limited free usage, occasional inconsistencies in output.


Summary: Jasper is known for its advanced functionalities, customization options, and productivity-enhancing tools. Good Points: Advanced features, customization options, aids in productivity and writing efficiency. Drawbacks: Learning curve for new users, may require time to fully utilize its capabilities.


the AI writing tools reviewed exhibit varying levels of performance and functionality. Here’s a summary of their key characteristics:

  1. ChatGPT, CopyAl, and QuillBot are among the top-rated tools, excelling in writing quality, versatility, and user-friendly interfaces.
  2. Conversion.ai and OpenAI Codex stand out for their proficiency in generating content with a focus on natural language processing and coding assistance, respectively.
  3. Writesonic and CopySmith are valued for their marketing and copywriting capabilities, providing persuasive and engaging content.
  4. Notion Al and Jenni.ai offer productivity-enhancing features and collaborative writing options, ideal for managing writing projects.
  5. Some tools, such as Article Forge and Contentbot.ai, prioritize automated content creation, saving time and effort in generating articles and blog posts.
  6. Several tools, including Wordtune and Reword, focus on sentence restructuring, paraphrasing, and personalization options to enhance writing quality.
  7. While each tool has its strengths, it’s important to consider limitations, such as limited free usage, occasional inaccuracies in output, and pricing plans.

Ultimately, the choice of an AI writing tool depends on individual needs and preferences. It’s recommended to thoroughly evaluate each tool, considering factors like writing quality, usability, specific features, and budget. Trying out free trials and experimenting with different tools can help determine which one aligns best with your requirements and enhances your writing process.

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