The Next of AI Text Generation: Welcome to Version 2.0

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Hello dear readers, I recently discovered two phenomena:

  1. I don’t know when this trend started. From about a year ago to the present, various tools using AI&ChatGPT Free Generate Content have been emerging, and it is basically calm now, and there will be basically no new ones. The content generator has come out. In the list I collected, there are about 100 similar tools. I know there are many, many, and maybe someone else is developing. If you are doing similar tools, I suggest you Stop and think for a moment.
  2. The second phenomenon is that in the past six months or so, from the beginning of this year to the present, tools for detecting and checking content have suddenly emerged. I have not collected them all. There are already about 20-30 on the market, and there may be more There are more, which I haven’t discovered yet.

These detect and checking tools are roughly two types:

  • One is used for Internet dissemination, for better SEO, in order to avoid being punished by Google Search Engine, simply avoiding plagiarism, simply avoiding duplicate content, and similar content. Before publishing a blog, it is very important to check for plagiarism. If ChatGPT generates more than half of the content for you, the action of duplicate checking is unavoidable.
  • The second type of detect tool emerged from the campus. In many universities, when submitting a graduation thesis, checking for plagiarism and marking references are necessary links. If your thesis cites too much content, even a lot of things are automatically generated. And after the fact is a waste of time and difficult to organize, then these tools will make it a lot easier for you.

So today, I recommend a small tool for everyone. During my simple trial, I tried twice. One time, I just pasted a paragraph from the Japanese electric car website. The question shows that it is completely written by humans. The second time I pasted a piece of text from another car website of mine, some of the detections were generated by AI, and the probabilities of the possibilities were marked with different colors, which is also very convenient for modification.

And it also allow pdf format file to be check.

One of the biggest benefits is that this tool, so far, is completely free. Feel free to use it.

Not only that, SciSpace( also provides some other tools, as shown in the picture below, one of which is a Chrome plug-in, which is very easy to use. After installation, you can select text when browsing the web, make a summary or derive your own text.

All in all, it’s great, and I recommend it to everyone.

I believe that such tools will emerge in large numbers in the next 3 months. Pure text generation AI tools will be eliminated, and more intelligent tools that include generation and automatic detection will appear, and even automatic text generation tools will appear. Generating pictures or recommending pictures is a great upgrade. From the perspective of a bystander as an old product manager, this is also a natural iterative upgrade of the product ecology. From 1.0 to 2.0, it is a normal phenomenon. I look forward to more exciting things in this era Appear!

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