Top 10 Best AI Formula-Generator Platforms

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AI and advanced algorithms have significantly streamlined formula generation. Here’s a snapshot of some prominent platforms in this domain based on research.

1. Formula Generator

  • Focus: Generate LaTeX formulae and equations.
  • Features: Allows customization of TeX code and displays corresponding formula. Suitable for applications like Microsoft Word.
  • Link: Formula Generator


  • Focus: Excel formulas, VBA automations, and SQL queries.
  • Features: Offers a free AI toolkit powered by GPT models for easy generation.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Excel formula creation.
  • Features: AI-powered tool that turns natural language into Excel formulas.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Data and spreadsheet analysis.
  • Features: AI-assisted formula generation and data explanations.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Excel formulas and VBA code generation.
  • Features: Converts text to Excel formulas and VBA code, and vice versa.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Online mathematics content.
  • Features: LaTeX equation editor that produces embeddable equations in multiple formats.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Excel sheet creation.
  • Features: Advanced formula generation for faster sheet creation.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Multi-functional formula generation.
  • Features: Generative AI for Excel, Google Sheets, regex, VBA code, and more.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Formula creation across platforms.
  • Features: AI-powered tool for Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable.
  • Link:


  • Focus: Google Sheets formula generation.
  • Features: Uses AI to answer Excel and Google Sheets-related queries with formulas.
  • Link:

Overall Insight: The surge in platforms offering formula generation points towards the ever-increasing reliance on AI to simplify tasks. Users, irrespective of their expertise, can now perform complex calculations, generate formulas, and automate tasks effortlessly. These platforms cater to diverse needs, from professional data analysis to academic content creation, underscoring the versatility and potential of AI in contemporary applications.

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